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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Ultimate III - Ultimate III Live!

This could be the best hip hop 12" released in 1986 and a definite contender for best hip hop record of all time. In my opinion.


AtiSKe said...

Indeed a great 12 from 86. I sold mine regrettably so thanks for sharing this.

Moyinka said...

Yeah I've been there mate, on a mission now to get 'em all back..

Repo said...

I first heard this on Electro 12 and so whenever I hear this song I expect MC Chill to come in at the end being that Mastermind blended the two so perfectly together.
It's truly one of greats of that era and even though the 'crowd' were probably nothing more than some sound effects found lying around on a reel to reel in the studio, it gives it a real epic feel. Bragging lyrics, scratch, beatbox... this has it all.

Moyinka said...

I'm the same with a lot of the 12"s from this era as the electro series of LPs were the only chance of hearing new stuff. At the time I was unhappy about the tracks being mixed but as I've gotten older I've become more appreciative of the skills involved.