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Friday, March 06, 2015

The Spin Masters - Brothers

This is a great record. I have fond memories of listening to the club, dub version whilst bombing the hell out of my old school with some like minded acquaintances. I had the privilege of seeing them live too when they were on the road with Ice T on the Rhyme Syndicate tour around '90-'91 I think which was pretty cool. I think they made another record at some point after this one but it wasn't very good and Evil E famously went on to become Ice's full time DJ. Mr. T himself even had a hand in the writing of this particular track.
Going back to the RS tour, Ice T was sat at the back of the Leadmill when we walked in on one of those plastic chairs that stack up like you had at school. He said 'Alright' when we walked by. We all looked at each other saying something along the lines of 'that's 'im innit'?
A great night, although Hijack stole the show. For me anyway.


Waxer said...

We saw this tour down in Pompey, some of my homeboys met Ice & Darlene & the others backstage, Hijack were great... and then after the jam, they went to the tour bus & found out the tour bus got robbed! I'll never forget that night, drama!!! I remember Ice was a big mothahubbard back the, proper toned & him, Donald D, some security jumped over the fence where we were all skulking about and he was PROPER vexated!!! I was cacking it & I remember there being stuff in the road, like socks & that from the bus! Nice post mate, thanks & respect!

Moyinka said...

I never got to meet him personally but I remember he got loads of people on the stage before the last song and played 'bitch betta have my money' by AMG which, looking back now was pretty embarrassing not only for those up there but for me watching. The biggest embarrassment of all is that I actually bought that record. Catchy though..

Anonymous said...

Please, Sir, reupload. Link is down.