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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Next School - Settin' An Example (Chrysalis 1990)

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01 - Funk University (4:20)
02 - Kick The Base (4:18)
03 - Profits Of Unity (4:00)
04 - Settin' An Example (4:20)
05 - Girls Girls Girls (5:16)
06 - Take Me Home (5:07)
07 - Good To Go (4:20)
08 - Go Next School (4:00)
09 - Isn't It Funny (5:32)
10 - Young Adults (4:18)
11 - Next School Shuffle (4:33)

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alley al said...

sup bruh. saw you @ bustthefacts.
keep it up. stay up.
i haven't realy seen these albums around,
except for maybe umcs.
good stuff. i like your stories that go with the posts.

Machiventa said...

thanks man. yeah dread gave me the idea of doing this blog since he's been an online friend and shared most of his mp3 collection with me over the past year and a half. it was mostly just to see how the proccess worked with starting up a blog since i've never attempted it. but i probably won't keep it going unless i get get people asking me.

thanks for dropping in!

travis said...

Yeah man, I'd like to see you keep it going. When it comes to this older stuff, I think only Bust The Facts, Rapchwast, and WYDU are the only ones dropping it on a consistant basis. There is more than enough OOP albums for us not to cover the same things. (no offense to any others I didn't mention, just my personal favorites)

I'll also link you up the next chance I get.

travis said...

By the way, is this Ali Dee's group?

secretwarz said...

Is it possible to re-up THE NEXT SCHOOL album? I've wanted that album since 1992! Thx for all your posts. Some serious hard to find rap.