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Monday, November 27, 2006

Resident Alien - It Takes A Nation Of Suckers To Let Us In (1992)

I'm sure everyone has this lost gem by now thanks to the net. I'm not gonna say much about this but grab it if you don't already have it. Prince Paul's first project after Stet and De La, the album follows the daily happenings of three West Indian immigrants in New York. Definitely hilarious as you'd expect from Paul with decent samples and beats and some rhymes by emcees whose names I still haven't figured out (Mr. Bug, Dragon & Double B?). I remember seeing this album being promoted in The Source I believe, (or some other magazine maybe) back in the day. Leave it to Russell to fuck this one up. I'd love to see a proper release of this sometime as I know Paul could use the cash.

01 - Intro
02 - The Resident Alien
03 - I Yam What I Yam
04 - The Ox Tail, The Burger & Chicken Wing
05 - Miss Lee
06 - Shakey Ground
07 - Ardicle Don
08 - Horrorscope
09 - Midtro
10 - Ooh the Dew Doo Man
11 - Mr Boops
12 - Alone
13 - State of Emergency
14 - Are You Ready
15 - We Na Play
16 - Wanna Be (Russell)
17 - Mother's Day
18 - Third World
19 - Extro
20 - Welcome to America

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Iain said...

I don't suppose you still have this for DL? can't find it anywhere!