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Monday, November 27, 2006

Spectrum City - Lies/Check Out The Radio 12" Single (White Label Promo) (Vanguard 1984)

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When I first heard this single I just about creamed myself because early Public Enemy was my shit and still is to this day. Before PE was formed, Chuck D was involved with WBAU, Adelphi University's radio station as a Deejay and later as the lead MC of Hank and Keith Shocklee's Spectrum City unit. A more old school sounding Public Enemy, this single to me is one of the greatest singles of all time. I'd love to get my hands on the actual 12 of this but the digital format fills that void for now. Enjoy!

A1 - Lies (5:41)
A2 - Check Out The Radio (Bonus Beat) (4:32)
B1 - Lies (Radio Edit) (4:05)
B2 - Lies (Dub) (5:49)
B3 - Check Out The Radio (Bonus Beat Dub) (4:31)

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Alchetype said...

hey,thanks a lot for this Spectrum City. Never heard any of their tunes although I've always been aware of who they were.

Machiventa said...

np man. wish they had more material.

Reemycks! said...

I got it on wax! And it's mint!!! Good find.

Anonymous said...

V. said...

I remember hearing "Check Out the Radio" in NYC with a radio signal sounding like it was pirate radio and hear "Spectrum City" over and over but not knowing it was to be Chuck D.

There was a track they played or was freestyled where they used the bassline and synth Original Concept later used for "Knowledge Me". The lyrics though said "Knowledge me Allah".

If anyone has that recording (I lost that tape long ago), PLEASE POST IT.

Anonymous said...

That "radio" signal was probably a cassette recording of Mr. Bill's Hosftra Colleges's radio show with Flavor Flav as the host DJ in the early 1980s.

Dr Drey that use to roll with Ed Lover was a crew member of Original Concept, I thought the chant was "Knowledge Me Ameen" but I am typing all of this off the top of my head and don't remember precisely the facts, so please forgive me for any inaccuracies.

Chuck D was known as Chucky D and the group was called the Townhouse Three. Him and Flav did a mean track called N40. The name of the Hempstead to Freeport bus that ran trough their town of Roosevelt. Grand Wizard Kay Gee did the sounds and the version played on the radio show had a harder and meaner beat than this version. If someone comes up with the N40 please post it.


crazy_ace808 said...

deader than dead......the link....