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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kid Capri - The Tape (Cold Chillin' 1991) - Re-Upped With A Better Bitrate

From Wikipedia:
Kid Capri (David Anthony Love) is an American hip hop DJ. He was born in the Bronx, New York City, New York, USA. He is of African-American/Italian-American descent. In the 1970s, Kid Capri began to attend block parties, starting his DJ career at the age of 8. He eventually garnered widespread attention at Studio 54 and began selling his sets with his partner at the time Starchild. Kid Capri has deejayed for seven seasons of Def Comedy Jam. He's also produced tracks for Boogie Down Productions, Heavy D, Big L, Grand Puba, and Quincy Jones. He eventually released an LP on Warner Brothers Records titled The Tape in 1991. He appeared in the 1993 movie Who's the Man? alongside Doctor Dre, Colin Quinn, KRS-One, Ice-T, Pete Rock, CL Smooth, Eric B, Flavor Flav, Kris Kross, Melle Mel, Busta Rhymes and many others. In 1997, Kid Capri switched from Warner Brothers to Trackmasters after he appeared on the 1997 Puff Daddy And The Family World Tour. He has subsequently released Soundtrack to the Streets in 1998.

01 - News Story (3:22)
02 - Billy (4:22)
03 - This Is What You Came Here For (Feat. TJ Swan) (5:00)
04 - Get 'Em (3:53)
05 - Apollo (4:06)
06 - Hang 'Em High (Feat. Dee Joseph Garner) (4:23)
07 - Lord's Party (4:58)
08 - You Know My Style (3:50)
09 - Whisper (4:59)
10 - Joke's On You Jack (4:21)
11 - Pay Attention (3:55)
12 - Don't Sweat Me (4:42)
13 - Step Off (4:41)
14 - Shout Outs (3:33)

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The Gosub Routine said...

i've never owned this, plus i've only ever had some taped tracks off of the john peel show on radio one back in '91.
Now I finally have the album.

cheers mach!

Machiventa said...

didn't even realise this was in 96k bitrate, i'm looking for a better rip, i'll post it up when i get it

who said...

there are some cd@192k rips floating about on soulseek

who said...

I have it, not sure how to upload though

Anonymous said...

What is the break on "This is what you came here for?". Been trying to find this out for ages.


lapa said...

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