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Monday, March 12, 2007

Side F-X - This Is A Journey (Nastymix 1990)

01 - This One's For You (DJ'S)
02 - This Is A Journey (Progressive Rap)
03 - A Swift Kut
04 - A Fraction Of Funk (Intermission)
05 - Rhyme Animal (Remix)
06 - Move Your Body
07 - What Makes Me Want To Shout (Remix)
08 - Soon As The Beat Is Felt
09 - Can I Get A Witness (Intermission)
10 - Time
11 - Stick Up Kid
12 - Rock The House (Video Mix)
13 - I Can't Sleep
14 - Give Me An Answer
15 - Take It To The Bridge
16 - Our Crew Gets Busy

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thisistomorrow said...

hi there
great blog...
i added your link on my little blog and it would be great if you could do the same...

cutpurseboy said...

thanks for the album i needed it for a nastymix thread

David said...

I used to own this tape as a kid. Any chance you can re-up it?