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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Futura 2000 - The Escapades Of Futura 2000

The Clash were my favourite band when I was a kid, heck, they probably still are. They met Futura in New York when they went over to play the now famous 17 gig stint at the Bonds club, or casino as the flyers said but it was just a club, (I think they added the casino moniker in an attempt to add a touch of class), as it was oversold. 'A' graffiti artist made a banner for the show (I assume it was Futura but can't be certain) and they obviously got together to collaborate on this gem of a 12". The Clash did make a couple of attempts at 'crossing over' and doing the hip hop thing and could possibly be the first white non American group to record a rap record but we'll discuss that another time. Overall, I would say that this is one of the best hip hop records ever made by a group who's primary musical genre wasn't hip hop and an emcee who isn't an emcee. Note: The band got Futura to reproduce the lyrics on the inner sleeve of 'Combat Rock'.


Anonymous said...


Good shout - Thanks for the rip

Ive always felt the b-boy mentality ran through the early days of the Clashs' work....

Futura and the band boostin shedloads of paint at the start of the vid fr Radio Clash always made me chuckle

Of course Futura was a staple at that point, now the man is one of the oldest in the game... biggest respects

Good lookin out

The real gems [it seems, after many attempts to uncover] are the radio shows that they did around the time of the BOND shows, some excerpts appeared on Sandinista but Ive never heard even a section of a show, ever heard any?


moyinka said...

most definitely. have a looky here, you're really spoilt for choice:

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