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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Intelligent Hoodlum - Back To Reality 12" (1990)

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A1 - Back To Reality
A2 - Back To Reality (Marley's Mix)
B1 - Back To Reality (UK Remix)
B2 - Back To Reality (UK Dub)
B3 - Live & Direct From The House Of Hits (Feat Craig G)

This single is worth grabbing just for the non-album track Live & Direct From The House Of Hits with Craig G. It's one of my all time favorite tracks. Grab it!

Download (MediaFire)
Download (DepositFiles)


MJG196 said...

The Intelligent Hoodlum! I remember this dude...he had a video for "Arrest the President."

frida said...

dopeness straight up!

Anonymous said...


eda said...




Greg said...

Wow! Thanks! I have this on CASSINGLE (LOL) from back in the day and made a not so good soundung mp3 from I can have a QUALITY version! Thanks!

Greg said...

File is corrupt man...

5000 said...

fuck yeah i been lookin for this for years, used to love this 12. incredible album too.

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