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Monday, August 03, 2009

Run-DMC - Hollis Crew

I would credit 'sucker mcs' as being the record that got me into hip hop music back in 1983. I used to break (thanks to break machine!) before I knew rap music existed. I remember seeing the video to 'The message' on top of the pops but I never thought much about it, (I do now o' course), but run dmc were the best hands down in my opinion. I bought streetsounds electro 4 just for 'sucker mcs' as US imports were impossible to get a hold of in the north of England. This, however is my fave record by them. I'm not sure but I think it's a promo only 12" single and I only bagged a copy about 18 months ago for a fiver off ebay. The B-side is listed as the instrumental but it's slightly longer than the vocal version and is more of a dub style affair.


Soundspot said...

Ha Ha ! didn't know that Break Machine was released in another country that france ! I still have the single at home which was the very one that I bought... I looked at the back cover few month ago and (re) discovered that it was a french production !

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This is one of the best records in this gender I had ever heard, Rum DMC were so good back in those days.

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