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Friday, January 08, 2010

Kev-E-Kev & AK-B - Keep On Doin'

Stompin' golden age 12" from '89 and a must have in my opinion. I never managed to cop the OG so had to plump for this re-issue about 4-5 years ago but that didn't bother me as it was the tune I was after. I heard this on a WBLS tape I bought from my local record store, (which was Warp Records at the time and I still have the tape), but never saw it around and then it was too late and it passed me by. There was also a reissue of 'Listen To The Man' (look how many want it) which I did own back then but traded it ages back and so I bought the repress of that too. The man Paul C is involved once again so nuff said.

  1. Keep On Doin'
  2. Ak-Apella Mix
  3. Dope Instrumental Mix
  4. Acapella Mix
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