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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time Zone - Thy Will "B" Funk (1992)

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Don't know anything about this release but most things with Bambaataa involved are dope. Courtesy of Cheesy Chees

A1 - The 40oz Crew (The Drunk Mix)
A2 - The 40oz Crew (Inst. Mix)
A3 - Watch Me Now
A4 - Can You Flow
A5 - Can You Comprehend
A6 - Zulu Shout (Part 1)
B1 - Very Special (Radio Mix)
B2 - Very Special (Inst. Mix)
B3 - Zulu War Chant
B4 - In A Minute
B5 - The Zulu Shout (Part 2)

Download (Megaupload)

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