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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Point Blank M.C.s - Hard To The Body

When US 12"s first arrived in Sheffield they were £6.49 each. That was quite expensive for a school kid on a £1.50 a week paper round. The only way I could raise the other much needed cash was to starve myself and save the £1 my mom gave me for my school dinner. OK, I wasn't exactly starving but it used to do me considerably in if I remember rightly. Back then it only cost two English pence to ride the bus in to town as Sheffield had the lowest fares in the country until privatisation smacked the council up the side of the head and it all changed forever. Virgin (pre 'mega') was the only outlet stocking fresh new US wares and even then they didn't advertise it. I must've been informed 'cos I can't remember how I found out but you had to ask to see the 'imports' and the bloke behind the counter would plonk a scabby looking cardboard box in front of you with about a dozen records in it. As you just sifted through you had to make a judgement by picking out stuff with colourful looking names as you hadn't heard of most of the them unless the late, great John Peel had spun it at some point. Times were hard. If you became a regular at the shop then the 'import bloke' would break the seals sometimes and play a snippet to help you decide. I still remember holding 'The Bridge' by MC Shan in one hand and 'Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble' by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince in the other and I'd not heard either so guess which one I chose? Anyway, this one was in there and I kept it all these years as the beat is dope and it makes parts of my house vibrate if I play it loud enough. Oh, and it's my guess that it's the only hip hop record to mention one time king of the jungle, Tony Blackburn near the end. Oh, and I did return some weeks later to buy the MC Shan record.


Anonymous said...

Great story thanks....and here's my 2cents re this rekid...

I remember it was very early in 1987 that this dope record dropped. I was walking through a small housing estate in an area in Liverpool called Toxteth to get to my grandads house whom I used to visit with every Saturday and out of a bedroom window of a neighboring house came the sweet sound of this tune being played. I figured the person playing the tune (who I never ever met) must of taped it from the radio the night before from a now legendary radio show called "Buss Diss" - UK North West heads will know it well)- having myself taped it as well. Anyway as I didn't actually live in that area but was living on the outskirts of the north end of the city it was immensely refreshing and life affirming too hear others playing the same stuff as I was at the time as the kiddies where I lived which was a place called Crosby we're all into either Genesis, Queen or Van Halen.

Great memory and a tune I have been after for well over twenty years (still am) but thanks you so much for the mp3. No longer being a member of discogs I cannot buy it from there either and A1 in NYC (where I now live) never seem to have it either.......still looking though
Peace Kerode

moyinka said...

yeah, i remember hearing awesome foursome's 'funky breakdown' super loud from someone's back garden and i wanted that one and it did take a few years but i got one in the end.'buss diss' was stu allen's show right? thanks for taking the time to leave a comment mate.