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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stetsasonic - Just Say Stet

I always thought this was Stet's best record. When I first heard it on Streetsounds Electro 11 I thought it was dope. None of my friends at the time liked it and turned their nose up at it, thought it was a joke record with no street credibility whatsoever and that's always puzzled me. It was all about the beat in those days and it's as hard a beat as any so it can't be that. They're shouting the lyrics too which is good, controlling the mic like MCs did back then. Prince Paul doesn't disappoint on the flex either so what's the problem? I think the problem was that all of those so called friends stopped being bothered about hip hop music and started listening to eighties pop music instead so in my opinion they were never that interested in the first place. One of 'em (I only found out about this just before Christmas last year) traded a tape of mine full of dope jams which I could never afford to buy myself for one by Simple Minds. Simple Minds? I don't hold a grudge 'cos it was a long time ago but what a nice twat. I always wondered where that tape went an'all.


Anonymous said...

Simple Minds, LOL! Good band, but not good enough for the trade mentioned, that's for sure. Thanks for the Stet, appreciate the classics!

moyinka said...

yeah, while we had this and 'sucker mcs' on the walkman he had 'promised you a miracle'..i saw him recently when i went to get my hair cut and he's almost completely bald which is nice 'cos he's a year younger than me.justice is served methinks.

DJ Kool JB said...

Sorry, the file you requested is not available.