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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Steady B - Just Call Us Def

Whatever happened to that word, def? It had quite a lot of use in the mid eighties but it kind of fizzled out and 'dope' seems to have taken its place. 'Mos Def' is probably the most recent use that comes to mind but I'd like people to go back to using it as an adjective. I don't think I ever used it out loud. When we were kids everything was 'bad' (meaning good of course). 'That's a bad tune' or 'that's a bad move'. You get the idea. A lot of slang words went mainstream, the most obvious being 'chill out'. I heard my mom say that to one of her friends on the phone just the other day and she's in her mid sixties. Her friend is even older and I'm sure she knew what it meant. The power of the media, eh? I think old words like 'def' and 'fresh' should make a comeback so I'll start it off today with this power house of a record which is still a personal favourite so I did a def 320kbps rip so it'll cave your chest in if you play it at the required volume. 'Fly Shante' is on the flip which is another thumping, drum machine driven track, not to be confused with the later release on the same label by Shante herself that was produced by the real king of the beats, the man Marley Marl. I bow to thee, oh great one.


St. Paco said...

I have run periodic searches for this song, only finding it on a mix tape the last time I looked. I even found "Fly Shante" on a previous search for THIS song. Finally, the search is over. THANKS.

moyinka said...

i didn't think it was that hard to find but glad i could help you out mate. thanks for leaving a comment.