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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Whistle - (Nothing Serious) Just Buggin'

Re-up as requested earlier on in the week.
And look, it really is a whistle.
Well, whistle shaped.
Paid five quid for that off a dude called Dominic who was in a graf crew from Sheffield called TDK.
I bought the best of Techno Hop LP off him at the same time.
It's rumoured that he sold his Roland 808 drum machine to Ruthjoy but I don't know how true that is.
He let me have a go on it while I was there checking out his wax for sale.
True story.


stonerphonic said...

Thanks. Awesome blog.
Would love a re-up on the Malcolm McLaren post here


dubturbo said...

TDK, that brings back memories of the D60 and D90!!

moyinka said...

yeah, I only threw out my last remaining tapes the back end of last year. Theirs was an acronym for Totally Destructive Kings I think.

Anonymous said...

YOU THREW TAPES AWAY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I hope it was only Tony Blackburn or the Top 40 on those tapes M

moyinka said...

yeah, sorry 'bout that. i dont have tape player any more so I mp3-ified what I wanted to keep and the rest went south