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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Malcolm Mclaren - Would Ya Like More Scratchin'

Another re-up of a record I don't have any more. A 192kbps rip but a decent one so don't despair.


stonerphonic said...

Thanx a heap! Absolute legend.

Now for the real challenge, I'm chasing a couple of Schoolly D 12 inch singles that came out thru Mute Records in the U.K. and Australia. Specifically, "Put Your Filas On" and "P.S.K.", but hell, I'm up for anything Schoolly D related. The 12 inch versions had alternative cuts on them to the album release.

Also chasing a super rare 12 inch from Sugar Ray Dinke called "Cabrini Green". Also came out on Mute records.


moyinka said...

PSK I can do, no problem but I don't have the others you mention. I had Cabrini Green when I was a young 'un on the UK label Rhythm King but I traded that many, many years ago. I'll dig out the PSK 12" and put it up sometime this week.

Ted said...

This is in my humble opinion one of the best hip hop records ever made, and certainly on the top 3 best records of the 80s era. (i'm talking specifically about this party mix 12). Its really down to 'the sound' of it - the rawness of the scratching, the vocal style of the supreme team, combined with the production skills of Trevor Horn and the amazing piano playing of Anne Dudley (i'm guessing as she's uncredited). Sounds a lot like Art of Noise in places. Funnily enough T.Horn later said that the supreme team were very difficult to work with. I think he is due a lot of credit for the awesomeness of this 12!

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