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Monday, September 10, 2012

Spoonie Gee - That's My Style

Well I thought I might be doing something revolutionary here but the man like Stretch beat me to and by some years too. So, I'm not gonna bother with what I was planning to write as you can get the gist right here. Instead I will mention Marley's incredible scratching at the beginning and the end. It's been on heavy rotation for the last week or so and the scratching still blows me away. I always wanted to cut like that, you know like a long sentence from an acapella or whatever and break it down on time to the beat. In fact I tried numerous times, the most memorable being the acapella from Michael Jackson's 'Bad' over a beat from one of those Simon Harris looped break beat albums. I got high praise indeed from a couple of work mates who owned their own mobile disco - the type that play weddings and birthdays and only have Stock, Aitken and Waterman records - so their opinion was kind of valued. Anyone's was I guess. I don't have the tape any more so you're spared but I wouldn't if I did I don't think. Anyway, enjoy the record, the B-side track, 'Take It Off' is dope too, and I'll submit more cheesy memories when I remember 'em.


stonerphonic said...

Hey man, any chance of a re-up on


maker said...

yeh dude that one was sikk!

Anonymous said...

This weird response track was directed at Schooly D.

Spoony g thought Schooly copied his style & responded by copying schooly d - gucci time.

Marley marl tries to copy Dj code money sloppy but funky scratching style.

Schooly d responded with housing the joint ..

"You say I tried to diss you and I stole your style, But the days you were rockin’ I was just a l’il child. Wassup man? Stop frontin’. What is is, what ain’t ain’t nothin’”

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