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Monday, January 15, 2007

Brand Nubian - Wake Up 12" (Elektra 1990)

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Special thanks to TheMusicMan over at I Used To Love H.E.R. for this 12.

A1 - Wake Up (Sunshine Radio Mix) (3:59)
A2 - Drop The Bomb (5:04) A3 - Drop The Bomb (Instrumental) (5:04)
B1 - Wake Up (Stimulated Dummies Remix) (4:48)
B2 - Wake Up (Sunshine Extended Mix) (5:45)
B3 - Wake Up (Bonus Radio Mix) (3:52)

60.4MB!!! (320k)
Download Here


Jaz said...

word up man, I dig your blog too, takes me back and it's great to be able to get everything I have on vinyl slowly but surely...

thanks so much for the Savages remix man

have you got the

D-Nice-To The Rescue (Solid Scheme Remix)

Keep up the dope work

I had you linked as soon as I started


grantp said...

Brand_Nubian-All_For_One-1991-CDS Promo Copy

got that at my site now.

grantp said...

Machiventa said...

oh shit nice one grant!!! although i'm really wanting the all for one inst bad! can't complain though (remix! g'eah) props for hooking me up. nice site btw, i'll link you up. also really liked your beats too, both those new ones you put up, nice vibes.

i appreciate you dropping by man.

grantp said...

yeah when i picked it up it didn't have a cover either. most the promos leave out some tracks i wish it had the instrumental too.

thanks about my site.