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Friday, January 05, 2007

The UMC's - Unleashed (Wildpitch 1994)

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01 - Time To Set It Straight (4:17)
02 - We Go (3:49)
03 - Evil Ways (4:11)
04 - Hit The Track (4:08)
05 - What's Up (3:24)
06 - Staten Island Comes First (4:23)
07 - Some Speak Ill Thoughts (4:08)
08 - Whoa Now (4:06)
09 - Pleasure In The Dark (3:54)
10 - Can You Feel It (4:04)
11 - How It Gotta Be (4:08)
12 - Gotta Be Sure (4:02)
13 - My Thing (4:15)

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KYOZAI said...

Damn !!

This is new 2 me

Thx 4 the post

gary turner said...

great album. props

kamagra said...

In my ipod I have some of these songs for example Pleasure In The Dark,How It Gotta Be and my favorite Staten Island Comes First, I think that it is a great album,I would like to buy the original!22dd

Anonymous said...

I remember buying this album and being totally discouraged by it. The UMCs would have had more notoriety if they hadn't sold out and went all gangsta with this sad effort. I don't know who they were listening to when they released this garbage, but going from rapping about Never Never Land and Blue Cheese to Time to Set it Straight? This album killed their image and ultimately their careers.

pharmacy said...

It is a fantastic record, one of my favorites from that year, excellent review.

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Anonymous said...

Pls re-up I need dis album man.