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Saturday, January 13, 2007

KMD - Who Me? 12" (Elektra 1991)

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A1 - Who Me? (LP Version) (3:34)
A2 - Who Me? (Instrumental) (3:34)
B1 - Humrush (LP Version) (3:24)
B2 - Humrush (Instrumental) (3:22)

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Anonymous said...

Who Me rip pack has an error...

Humrush (Vocal) - around 1:18 in - the track skips... just FYI.

don't try to DJ with this one. peace.

Peter said...

Man please re-up this one and the Nitty Gritty 12" (that Nitty Gritty Dog Speleld Backwards Mix looks insane!!!!!) Peace