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Friday, January 26, 2007

Leaders Of The New School - Sobb Story (Elektra 1991)

01 - Sobb Story
02 - Sound Of The Zeekers
03 - Sobb Story (Remix)
04 - Sound Of The Zeekers (Instrumental)
05 - Sobb Story (Remix Instrumental)
06 - Case Of the P.T.A. (Remix)

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Sarcasm said...

Great drop! I can remember standing there holding this 12" and then deciding to just buy the album on CD... one of life's few regrets!

Sarcasm said...

Also, forgot to add... track 5 is Case of the P.T.A. (Remix) not Sound of the Zeekers (Remix)... see for details...

Machiventa said...

you mean track 6, word brother thanks for the correction. CMS tagged it wrong, damn crew rips aren't always free from errors. i love this 12.

Peter said...

AHHHH! Yo please re-up these 2 LONS 12"s, I've been looking for them!!! Peace

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I like the track number six because it's the most perfect mix I've listened in my life, actually I made my own version, with other elements .m10m