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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Props to all who helped me with my requests

Thank you all very much for helpin a brutha out!!! I got more than I asked for and I really appreciate it.


moyinka said...

hey mate, i can do 'slow down/to the right' and 'all for one/concerto in x-minor' when i dig 'em out if no one else comes through with 'emin the meantime.

Machiventa said...

word up that'd be dope man. thx alot!

Josh said...

MOYINKAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT'S UP MAN!!!!!!!! IT'S THE INCREDIBLE HULK FROM HIP HOP ON WAX!!!!!!!!!! HOW ARE YOU?!?!?! Wow did you get in here?!?!?!?! Moyinka, hold on for a minute...

Dear Blog Owner:

Hello. I am looking for a test pressing 12 inch single of The Sugar Hill Gang's "8th Wonder" along with the "8th Wonder (Instrumental Version)." Can you please post it? I really need the Instrumental Version badly.

By the way, I love your site. I see you have lots of good 12 inches in your collection. Thank you so much for opening this blog and posting up albums and singles. It is greatly appreciated by many.



Special Note: Moyinka, I'll talk to you later on, my man! See you later!!!

moyinka said...

Hey, Josh, how you doing mate.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for this.
also can you do a link exchange.

here is my forum

also i would be really glad if you could post some albums up there as well. i'm currently looking for uploaders. Thanks

fadhelunderculture said...

This is for you:
Brand Nubian + Feels So Good 12'':


Machiventa said...

josh, i don't have that sugar hill gang 12 but i'll keep my eye out for it for sure man.

@ fadhelunderculture - thanks alot bro!!!! i really appreciate it

Jaz said...

Oh man I have that LONS 12" but I don't have access to upload just yet, if and once I do I will make sure I contact you, dope blog kid and please check my new Hit Squad comp and write up at my blog.


jcrabhouse said...

thank you for the brand nubian 12's. can't wait for the l.o.n.s. i hve been hunting for all of their remixes and b-sides. keep up the great posts!PEACE

System Rocker said...

Hey, I was wondering if you want to link exchange with I'm making a collection of good downloadsites and I hope you want to add the site. I've already added yours


Josh said...

Hello Machiventa. Okay thanks for checking for me. If I ever find the 12 inch, I'll upload it and send you a copy. That's a tough one to find.

Thank you.


Special Note: Hi Monyinka, what's up. See you @ Hip Hop On Wax. Peace!

Kin Corn Karn said...


I've got that LONS 12inch, I'll dig it up when I get home and hopefully have it uploaded tonite or tomorrow. It's in VG- condition with a little surface noise here and there but nothing too bad. Hopefully thats good enough for now until you find a mint copy.