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Friday, January 26, 2007

Unique & Dashan - Black To The Future (Warlock 1989)

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01 - Protected By The Red Black And Green
02 - Blackwatch
03 - Lumumba
04 - House Is Taking Over
05 - Poet In His Own Time
06 - Three The Hard Way
07 - Brutalization
08 - Versatility
09 - Double Trouble

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Machiventa said...

i'm gonna have to re-up this because rapidshare sucks!! and i'm too retarded to find the link lol.

Machiventa said...

ok re-upped to sendspace

bballnchic12 said...

yeah, rapidshare was being a bitch, wanting me to fill out some info or click a link that wasn't workin. anyway, i look fwd to listening to this one, it's been a long while ... thanks for this!!

The Gosub Routine said...

many thanks 4 some of this 'golden age' era of Lp's.

superior quality!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I missed this. Is there any way for you to repost or email me with this? if you can, my email is


Anonymous said...

my dude please make this album downloadable again. I know the MC with the hat on. He would love to have this again. 1

Mac said...
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Machiventa said...

got'chu bro, check the newest post.

Sure said...

lol I don't remember these dudes

Kamagra said...

damn bro! you have a incredible memory to remember something like this, the last time that I hear a song of this people I was in the school, well it's time to back to my bad boy old days. said...

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