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Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Treacherous 3 & T La Rock - Live at Hempstead, LI (1985)

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Note from Troy Smith who recorded this (Tape #64):
This side of the tape the Treach are truly rocking and T La Rock does his cut "It’s yours" the quality is real good no hissing what so ever only problem it’s only coming out of one speaker so I am working on trying to get it to come out of the other side.) Side B- Treacherous three 1st. Anniversary, DJ Starsky, Spoonie Gee and Busy Bee 1981 Harlem world (note: the party is dope but the quality gets kind of bad when the tape gets to the treach starting there show. Busy bee sounds real good at the end rocking off heartbeat but he goes off too soon, but I enjoyed the show.)90min.
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siderealist said...

my heroes- t & da 3. gets no better.

Josh said...

Y00000000!!!! This is THE INCREDIBLE HULK....thanks for the upload. This recording is fressssssssssh!

Keep it coming! Let's take it waaaaaaay back!!!!!


Jack said...

Wow. Thanks Man!

tony m said...

fantastic any where you can get the rest of the mixes?