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Friday, December 29, 2006

EPMD - It's My Thing/You're A Customer 12" (Fresh 1987)

EPMD is by far the illest rap group duo ever!! If anyone says otherwise I'll smack you down lol. Nah but they are my favorite group and I gotta give props to them for holding it down for so many years and still kept it fresh up to their last album. They recently got together for a show in NYC and I couldn't make it but if anyone went let me know how it was. Unfortunately I've never even seen them live, but if they come through Denver or Boulder I'm there.

EPMD definitely had a few shitty tracks on each release but the great ones made up for it. I can remember the day I first heard them, it was on Yo! MTV Raps and they were playing the video for You Gots To Chill, and seriously I went to the record store the next day and bought the tape and listened to it non-stop for like two months straight. That album for me is one of hip hops greatest albums of all time period. I would go into some history and shit but I'm pretty sure everyone knows all about them. Just download these 12's and enjoy.

X1 - It's My Thing (Club Version) (5:50)
X2 - It's My Thing (Dub Version) (5:50)
Y1 - You're A Customer (Club Version) (5:50)
Y2 - You're A Customer (Dub Version) (5:50)

Download Here


KYOZAI said...

Any Instrumental of the Group???

Thx 4 the uploads


turtle said...

I first heard them the summer of 88. They were touring with PE, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and Run-DMC. The sound system wasn't the best and the only words you could really make out was mother fucker. Dope...

Just Ice said...

As someone who grew up listening to the P and EDub, I thank you!

Anonymous said...

link dead!!