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Friday, December 01, 2006

Craig G - Now That's More Like It (Atlantic 1991)

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01 - Intro
02 - What You're Used To
03 - Girl Fever
04 - Take the Bait
05 - Somem to Swing To
06 - I Want to Be in Luv
07 - Give It to Me
08 - Intro II
09 - Ripped to Streads
10 - Ummm!!!!
11 - Smoothing Out the Rough Spots
12 - Feel Ya Way
13 - No Favors
14 - Word Association
15 - U-R-Not the 1
16 - Swiftness
17 - Live Off the Top
18 - Going for the Throat

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The Gosub Routine said...

A great album. 'rip you to shreads' is a classic short brag tune. he's on and out and says what he needs 2 say in under 2mins!


Jaz said...

Yeah this album was flavour...'Take The Bait' through a loud system is still incredible...those Five Stairsteps drums, that ill guitar and the ill horns in the hook is Marley Marl at his 90's greatest adn of course "Droppin Science" was one og his greatest 80's beats.

Mach, do you have Craig G-Word Association (Remix) please?