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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Red Hot Lover Tone - Red Hot Lover Tone (Select 1992)

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01 - True Confessions
02 - Da Gigolow
03 - Winderella
04 - Porgee
05 - Like a Virgin
06 - D.I.Y.M.
07 - In the Business
08 - I Like
09 - Gigolow Thing
10 - Never Love
11 - Pussy's All That
12 - Give It Up
13 - It Burns
14 - Li'l Boy Blu
15 - Gigolows Got It Going On
16 - Gotta Run
17. Sex Anonymous
18. My Lady

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Dan Love said...

Love Li'l Boy Blu, summertime uplifting feel to it. Thanks for the link, planning to post No. 1 Player in the near future.

bobfarmer136 said...

Nice Blog, only ever checked out Tone's second album. Thanks

Machiventa said...

np guys, thx for checking.

Anonymous said...

mach...I don't suppose you have red hot lover tone-give it up (diamond d remix) please?


Anonymous said...

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