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Monday, December 18, 2006

Jungle Brothers - What U Waitin' 4? 12" (Warner 1990)

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01 - What 'U' Waitin' 4? (Jungle Fever Edit)
02 - What 'U' Waitin' 4? (Love Ride & Orchestra Mix)
03 - J. Beez Comin' Through (Remix)
04 - What 'U' Waitin' 4? (Jungle Fever Mix)

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Big said...

Thanks for the great JB's 12"

Machiventa said...

np, enjoy!

Machiventa said...

oh forgot to mention i have more too that i'll post sometime.

MsMerising said...

I always loved the video version where they sample the "Don't Make Me Wait" snippet from the NYC Peech Boys, lol...


MsMerising said...

Well, I do not actually imagine it is likely to have effect.

Anonymous said...