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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

YZ - EP (Tuff City 1991)

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I recently noticed Wake Your Daughter Up posted these YZ joints and even linked that dope interview and his Myspace page so this is redundant material. Well not really because YZ is worthy of the attention. Down with Tony D since back in the day, their business was known as Two Tone productions. After/during Tony's work with Poor Righteous Teachers, he hooked up with YZ to make some incredible music. A perfect match similar to Mark the 45 King and Lakim Shabazz, the symbiotic relationship of the two goes down in my book as some of the best emcee/producer collabs. YZ drops knowledge and bragadoccio rhymes on that ass while Tony carresses us with syrupy sweet beats and samples. Check out this awesome YZ interview here for more info on the PRT/YZ-Tony D beef. While you're at it check YZ's Myspace page for the latest info.

01 - When The Road Is Covered With Snow (4:09)
02 - Taggin' It Up (3:16)
03 - Thinking Of A Master Plan (Remix Instrumental) (3:35)
04 - Mixel Plic (Remix) (4:29)
05 - Go YZ (0:41)
06 - Crocodile Dundee (5:49)

Download Here


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Machiventa said...

np man. re-upped!

The Gosub Routine said...

i need 2 check out this bloke, as i remember hearing about him back in the day.


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