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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Kings Of Pressure - Slang Teacher (Next Plateau 1989)

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Another favorite album from this era, The Kings Of Pressure originally had a different line-up than the one that performed on this album (and apparently were better too). Keith Shocklee and Eric Sadler managed and directed the KOP and it shows in the production. This is the CD version that has 4 extra tracks including the awesome Bomb Squad produced You Know How To Reach Us which features an earlier line-up of the group. Classic shit for that ass!

01 - Gator Posse
02 - Rappers Have Feelings
03 - So Simple
04 - Call Me On The Telephone
05 - Who's Gonna Take The Bait
06 - Brains Unchained
07 - Smooth As A Violin
08 - Slang Teacher
09 - Tales From The Darkside
10 - Nozy Bodies
11 - Give Me The Mike
12 - You Know How To Reach Us
13 - Tales From The Darkside (Cut Shock Mix)
14 - You Know How To Reach Us (Dub)

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