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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

YZ - Sons Of The Father (Tuff City 1990)

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01 - Intro & Sons Of The Father
02 - In Control Of Things
03 - Back Again
04 - I'm Workin'
05 - Get It Right (Put On Your Bally Shoes)
06 - Mixel Plic Remix
07 - Tower With The Power
08 - Spank-Ed
09 - Who's That Girl
10 - Taggin' It Up
11 - Diss Fe Liar
12 - Thinking Of A Master Plan
13 - Father's Exit & Outro


Download Here

Who's That Girl Video


Dan Love said...

Shouts for the post - great. As I mentioned on my blog recently it is almost impossible to find things that aren't available elsewhere due to the quality of other blogs! Still, it is worth posting albums/singles whether they have appeared elsewhere or not - keep it up man!

jcmoss33 said...

It looks like zshare is having issues...AGAIN!!! Nice site. Peace

Anonymous said...

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