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Saturday, December 02, 2006

360 Degrees - Years to Build/Pelon 12" (Pelon 1988)

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I got to give another mad props to my man theessence for this single and some other gems I'mma post another time. This was ripped by him and what a special treat this is. A 1212 classic, with Paul C on the boards and drum programming, production by Harvey Jr. (who?) and MC Ses (who!?) on the mic, these tracks have potential and I have no idea why they didn't make an Lp (maybe they did and I'm missing it) (me looks through Bust The Facts lol). Get this now for your collection!

A1 - The Producer Speaks (1:47)
A2 - Years To Build (2:42)
B1 - Pelon (3:12)
B2 - Pelon (3:47)

Download Here

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AxCxt said...

thanks for so many good shit ;)