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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Maestro Fresh Wes - Symphony In Effect (LMR 1989)

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The Maestro's first two albums are straight up classics and among my favorite lp's. Almost every track on these are dope as fuck. For those that don't know, Maestro Fresh Wes is a canadian rapper/producer (one of the best emcees IMO). In 1991 at the Juno Awards in Canada, he was nominated for 5 awards in the rap category including Vocalist of the Year. He won 2 awards including Best Video for the single Drop The Needle and one for Best Rap Recording for his debut Lp Symphony In Effect.

Check out his website at, his Wikipedia page, and also his MySpace page.

01 - Drop the Needle
02 - Untouchable
03 - The Mic's My Piece
04 - LTD's on the Wheel(s) of Fortune w/ Farley Flex
05 - I'm Showin' You
06 - Let Your Backbone Slide (Power Mix)
07 - Private Symphony w/ Corey "Koko" Whittington
08 - Just Swingin' w/ Ebony MC
09 - The Maestro
10 - Tear It Up
11 - Fortissimo

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HeRBaN LyRiX said...

CLaSSiC Canadian gem right here!!!

STaY BLeSS`n...

Baback said...

Canadian or otherwise, one of the best to drop in the Golden Era. My all-time favorite. Props, man. Keep spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

just discovered your blog, great stuff. gonna enjoy digging through this lot.
Wes - def a great MC.

heres my copy