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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Red Hot Lover Tone - Pussy's All That 12" (Select 1992)

A1 - Pussy's All That (Dirty Mix) (3:03)
A2 - Pussy's All That (Clean Vocal) (3:02)
A3 - Pussy's All That (Dirty Instrumental) (3:00)
B1 - D.I.Y.M. (Dirty Vocal Mix) (3:08)
B2 - D.I.Y.M. (Instrumental) (3:02)
B3 - D.I.Y.M. (Clean Vocal Mix) (2:57)

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Crooklyn said...

I thought i was the only head that still has this single...mine is on tape tho.....mad props 4 the mp3!!

Denis said...

Machiventa can you Reupload this vls pls..

thnx in advance..

Machiventa said...

i'm working on re-upping every dead link - just take me some time with two jobs and shit, sorry - but keep checking back.

Anonymous said...

please re up!!
its sum real hot shit

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up please. Ive been looking for this joint EVERYWHERE. I finally came here and clicked on it thinking that i hit the jackpot and the links dead. Hook a brotha up please yo.

Anonymous said...

dude please reup ... this is epic!